Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

I am an ogre...

Max is trying to do homework.
Khai and Brenna (neighbor) keep playing VERY LOUDLY in the living room.
Erica has asked them twice to go outside, and each time gotten the "Just a Minute" thing.

Me: You've already said just a minute, and now...
B: Oh, I know, I do that to my mom and dad all the time!
Me: HUSH! I AM TALKING. I AM SAYING YOU NEED TO GO OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW. It doesn't matter what you're doing, just get your shoes and socks and go now.

On the one hand, I'm frustrated at the disrespect to Max. I'm frustrated that they were blowing off Erica. I'm angry that she interrupted me while I was laying down the law. In general, she's pretty disrespectful, flippant, and aloof. A few small, simple rules like:
* Quiet when people are working
* Don't leave the door open
* Don't go in and out of the house more than once or twice an hour.
* Clean up your food messes

Mostly though, she's nice and the kids have fun with her. It bothers me that I felt the need to raise my voice at she who is not my child.

I guess that's how things go -- once in 14 months for someone who's here an average of 25 hours a week.
Tags: kids, psychology
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