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I tried to post this at 9:50am CDT, but it failed. Here it is, plus more:
Aliens were kidnapping people, strapping them to big multi-person stretchers, and driving them to their lab. No one knew, because from the outside, the vehicles looked normal.

New setting, we were entering a restaurant as it was closing. We all sat down for a private meeting to discuss aliens and their tech. Nina Sharp was leading the meeting, and talking about how the tech was dangerous. An example was an earthquake 2 years back caused by crustaceans that were unleashed inside the Earth's crust.

I was talking and it interrupted Nina and this caused a digression into the whole group talking about grade school, etc. Somehow, she was "there" and knew all the stories.

Anne Stoval and Julie Carter were in the meeting, friends from gradeschool. Julie had my piece of paper, and before giving it back, she made a mandala on paper with crayons. Each way you flipped the sheet showed a different image, side or corner.

I woke up as I was realizing that Julie was one of the aliens, and this was a mistake because it was so common for her kind to make multidimensional trinkets in meetings, just as we make little doodles on paper. She didn't realize that we humans couldn't do that.
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