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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Poor Birdie
Josh 201604 KWP
An annoying, pooping, starling flew full-force into one of our back windows.
It was sitting on the ground, hunched over, breathing heavily.
It pooped itself pretty badly.

It moved its wings, so those aren't broken.
I moved it gently out of the direct sunlight and left some seed for it. Erica left some water.
Luckily, there aren't a bunch of cats in our neighborhood.

I dunno if it will survive. My guess is that it got a concussion at least, and maybe internal injuries.

I'm going to check on it again after I pick up Max from school.

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Birdie has pooped again, less watery.
Still staying put, but it's much more alert.
It raised it's crown feathers when I got neat to check on it, and it shuffled sideways a little.

This is a major improvement, and I'm hoping for the best.

Re: Follow-up at 1H

Flap.org has a bunch of preventative ideas to help with this.
I hope the feathered friend is ok after a bit of a nap.

Re: flap.org
All of the front and side windows have full-window shutters with 3" openings and the angle of approach isn't conducive to birds.

2 side windows are just under 1 square foot, have no food sources nearby, and have a steep angle that's not prone to birds.

Half of the back windows are inside a screened porch. 3 others are fully curtained or have miniblinds.

In the kitchen, half of the window area is screened. The biggest window has stuff in front of it and is close enough to the feeding site to not be a risk for the birds to accelerate.
One faces towards the porch, which has no room for acceleration.

One is parallel to the path away from the feeding area, and would be a very steep angle for any other approach. Plus, it has a sparkly mobile hanging in the open space.

The one, remaining, window is perpendicular to the feeding area and is about 4 meters away. The bottom half is screened, bottom 60% is shuttered, and the top 20% is curtained. There's spatters inside the glass where the gas seal has failed.

The bird went for the 1'x2' section that was relatively open.


I dunno what I could put there. *ponders*

Re: Follow-up at 1H

I think you've done more than most
and the fact that you're even worried about it
proves what an awesome human you are.

Aww, shucks.

PS, the bird flew away 3-4 hours after the incident. It's technically possible it was grabbed, but there was no sign of struggle.

Re: Follow-up at 1H

I prefer to be optimistic.
Bird went home ;)

decals applied! Sun and Moon.

You know, I think if I hit a window at 30mph, I'd crap my pants too.

He continued pooping as birds do, and the doo did look more normal as time went on.

Birds fly into windows. Happened at the Coral house one year too. This window had a reflection of a tree and sky in it, and was right by the feeding zone. The birds drop out and then zoom off... This one left some saliva on the window.

Anyway, somewhere between 6:15 and 7:15 the bird disappeared. I looked, and it didn't hop off the deck. There was no sign of struggle, no feathers or poo smears. Water dish not moved or knocked over. Pile of bird seed not scattered. I think once it cooled off, the bird went to find somewhere warmer to be. I'm glad because I was trying to figure out what could be used as a makeshift nest overnight.

Still though, 3.5H, I would have figured it wouldn't be quite right that soon after, so there's always the possibility of it having been eaten by something sneaky.

Still, last time I saw it, it would move its wings a little, and it was alert and trying to keep away from me.

It's possible it flew off, ruptured a blood vessel in its head, and crashed into the trees further out in the yard.

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