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Josh-D. S. Davis

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PowerPath UDID not showing up...
Josh 201604 KWP
According to the EMC Connectivity Guide for AIX, when using PowerPath greater than, the devices will get a UDID, which is what we want for VIO.

So for whatever reason, this is not the case at one of my customer sites. Powerpath was installed at 5.1, but is now VIO was 1.5, is now 2.0 on some, and 2.1 on others.

Previously, I thought this was because I had been at VIO 1.5, which was sort of transitional from PVID to UDID for VTDs. But I cloned, removed all disk devices, updated powerpath and VIO, rebooted, reconfigured disks and vtds, and there's still no UDID in ODM. Even for NEW devices on the old systems, there is no UDID.

My workaround has been to manually create the appropriate UDID in ODM, but I was hoping someone, somewhere had run into this and found a solution.

Luckily, the NEW boxes are using NPIV and vfscsi, which is more efficient, easier, etc. The drawback is that I've still got LUNs to migrate on the old systems and it's a pain when I realize I migrated off of a PVID VTD onto a different PVID VTD.