Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Alien Invasion Dream

It was night time throughout the whole dream.
We were hiding, in an urban environment, and in fields with trees.
Wraith ships were flying through and beaming up people.
They were leaving specific ones of us though.
They were never picking up me.
They could tell where we were when we were hiding and running, and would still pick up who they wanted.
They would come in waves, and swarm around.
People would run in panic, hoping to be skipped this time around.

After the wraith would finish a culling, another alien force of robots would be deployed. They would occupy specific areas, and shoot at people nearby. After their attack, they would be gone, and we'd have a reprieve for several hours.

We were all frightened, but didn't know what they wanted.

In the interim between attacks, people would hurry about in the streets, or gather and plan.
There were aliens among us who would deliver messages to some of us.
Mine was a short woman, looked to be in her late 20s, early 30s, who would say things to me in passing.
Some people would get messages through their radio or phone.

We were mapping the relationship between those of us remaining, and who they knew. The guy sitting next to me was President Obama.

I stumbled onto a good, visual representation of some good data. Maybe 80%. I had another chunk of data with everyone, but it would make it hard to find the good data because there was no index.

I'd asked if he'd like the data, but he was on a call. Then, his 2 SS, his football carrier, and he all hurried out. Once he was clear, everyone else was ushered out, and another wave hit. Again, I hid behind a tree, and wasn't taken, but another person nearby was. Then, when the robots came, they looked like us. They were flesh and bone, but still walked mechanically. I ended up in a group and couldn't tell if it was people pretending, or actually robots, but I ended up having to pretend by walking like them. I didn't to a good job and was afraid, but I wasn't being shot at.

As we came upon an area of fighting, this is when I woke up.
Tags: aliens, dreams
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