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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Web Stuff, flying club, advertising, etc
Josh 201604 KWP
Ok, a couple of things...

#1, any suggestions for some sort of small, free graphic to help break up the sea of text:
Remember, it's a wiki, and it's to be utilitarian for a flying club. Some cleanup is OK, and maybe wordpress or something else would be or would have been better, but I'm not looking to complete redesign everything. Just anything glaringly horrid or easily fixed.

#2, any input on the obtrusiveness of the adds at:
compared to:
I know ads are tacky, but I pay for the hosting myself, and pay for the domain name(s), and biz cards, and a few things, so if I could offset that a little, it would be great. I just don't want to be uncomfortably advertisingly wrapped, which is why there's no skyscraper ads on the sidebar, etc.

#3, any input on how to advertise the flying club better? We're using adwords, but it's a little slow going. Biz cards at coffee shops seem to disappear, and we've gotten a couple of calls from that.
We don't really have an advertising budget because we're doing everything for free because we're members, trying to split/share costs. That being said, a couple of guys are putting up extra for expenses and such, so getting more members would have a financial value to several of us, and not just the plane owner.

PS, yes, I know "couple" means two, and I've set three.

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in #2, the first link is broken, dumps you into a file directory on your website.

Supposed to be a file directory. So that's ok. I haven't made any pretty templates for that, but there should be some adwords links at the bottom.

(Deleted comment)
I almost didn't get what you meant for #1, but I got it, and I agree. Easy fix.

I'd really like the ads at the bottom of #2 to be wider and shorter. Maybe I can make three or four single-add blocks and center them.

Not sure on #3. I don't know that there's enough overlap in market. I don't know that there's not, but adult dance studio adverts would probably not pick up the dancers themselves as pilots. It would make ad placement a big component.

I'll leave #1 & 2 for erica.. hehe

#3 - I think locality and community is key.. Like leaving biz cards or flyers up at the local shops or even small airports would really help. Esp with no budget! Or even on flyer forums focusing on the texas southern region!

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