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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Lowes and CounterSource
Josh 201604 KWP

Our initial order was April 8. Lowes Installed Sales desk made notes that they called AND SPOKE TO ME when they had not, and it sat for two weeks with a blocking problem.

Since then, the IS desk has claimed they called, but had not, twice more, but our Kitchen Sales guy has been on top of things and coordinating in their place.

CounterSource has the same issue - they don't meet their follow-up committments.

We had one error in the order because the sales guy wasn't trained on their complex system, but because of that error, all of the heat for the problems are getting dumped on him. However, he's the only one who meets his committments and sets realistic expectations.

Our NEW install date has been moved from Wednesday (tomorrow) to NEXT Tuesday.

We'll see if that actually happens.
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(Deleted comment)
Aye. Though, there seems to be something with this area. I attribute it to younger workers from more wealthy households thinking the $10/hr is a crap job and not putting much into it. The Lowes in Lewisville at Valley and I-35 looks more promising.

But yes, a good recommendation and single-source supplier seems to help a bunch. I've heard some people really like CounterSource of Irving, but they're a mixed bag for me. In Lake Dallas, we were 2 weeks between cabinets and countertops, but materials order is a 1-2 business day thing because of supplies around DFW. I don't have adequate records of the 2007 Kitchen remodel though.

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