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Josh-D. S. Davis

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So Happy!
Josh 201604 KWP
The counters are done.

They are completely full of win.

The flickr posts look weird because of the contrast limits of my iPhone. They are not black, but more of a dark cocoa color with flecks of tan. Integrated backsplash, chamfered edges, integrated sink, etc.

Told Lowes we were very happy with the counters, and sent an email to CounterSource espousing the greatness of the work and the installer.
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I love the look. They complement the floors and still the over all feel of the kitchen is very bright and happy. I love watching you guys re do rooms and really make this place YOURS. (It's also one of the only things that might make it so B doesn't have to pull our fingernails in order to talk me into owning a home at some point).

From start to finish, how long was the kitchen in a state of chaos and how did you guys manage to keep using it?

Actual chaos was about a week. If there hadn't been order problems, then chaos would have been 48 hours.

When we had the other kitchen done, cabinets went in about 2 weeks before the counters did. That probably sucked more, but I remember not.

I still have some cabinet doors to paint, but that's easy. The best way is to pull all of the doors and drawers out while you're prepping for the removal.

Then, paint all of the cabinet frames before the new counters go in, so it's less cleanup.

The best thing for masking off trim was to take card-stock and wedge it under the trim. Masking tape just didn't get a close enough fit.

Finally, there's always little speckles of paint all over the place, so either plan on dropcloths, or a bit of floor scrubbing the day of painting.

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Thanky! I'm on R&R today, but I plan to finish the cabinet doors tomorrow.

Yeah I like the white too. easy to clean, easy to spot fingerprints!!!

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