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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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What is your definition of a friend?
Josh 201604 KWP
What is your definition of a friend?
What about an acquantance?
What are your expectations of each?
What will you do for or with each?

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Definition of a friend...

As an aside, it really bugs me that I have to post as anonymous. Yes, I know I could sign up for a live journal acct and then have a (gasp!) user name, but *dammit*, I don't WANT a live journal acct.

Ok, finished ranting. :)

I have many thoughts on friendship. Some of them are idealistic... and some of them are ideas that I came up with the hard way-- by being shit on. ;)

In my head, a *best* friend (of which I have many...why limit yourself to just one??) is someone with whom you can have a comfortable silence, you look forward to spending time with, you can have intelligent *and* silly conversations with. A best friend tells you things you might not want to hear, but that you might *need* to hear. A best friend knows your faults as well as your good points, but is either willing to tolerate them, or challenge you to improve yourself (gently, of course!). I miss my best friends when they're not around.
Best friends are reliable, character-wise, and trustworthy. I trust them to look out for my best interests, just as I look out for theirs.

A friend, to me, is someone with whom I have something in common with... shared interests. Someone who is agreeable and whose company I enjoy... someone I'm happy to see.

I make acquaintances pretty easily, I guess... but it takes me longer to develop real friendship. Partly because I'm shy, and partly because I'm rather mistrustful. I've just had a lot of "frienemies" and had to learn the hard way that not everyone is willing to work at friendship.

Ramble, ramble.

What is friendship to *you*, Oh Great Joshy One?


I would say a friend is someone who I completely trust... this is someone I'd happily leave alone in my house, even leave a key with them... I'd loan them money, give them money, put them up for a few nights (longer if they're not a burden). A friend is someone who I can enjoy. We would have some common interests and would occasionally do things together.

An acquaintance is someone I have met, I may know them fairly well... On a good day, I'd know their name. I'd be pleased to see them, but in general, we'd only see eachother when we bump into eachother...

Some friends degrade to acquaintance over time as they refuse to keep in touch. Some degrade to "long-lost-friends" just due to loss of contact or mishap.

I expect that a friend will reply to communication periodically, and once in a while will actually communicate to me without being prompted. Communication could be e-mail, phone, letter or in person.

A friend is always welcome by where I live, and generally, no invitation is required for them to show up. They will know me well enough to know how not to be a burden.

I'd expect them to be truthful to me most of the time and to tell me when I'm overstepping bounds, or what they think on a regular basis, or or or...

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