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Josh-D. S. Davis

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FAA Reauthorization expired - What it means
Josh 201604 KWP
The FAA's reauthorization expired at 2011-07-23 00:01am.


Let's clarify. The reauthorization is their authority to pull money from the "Airport and Airway Trust Frund" that was established in 1970. This funds roughly 60% of the FAA's budget and includes:

A) Facilities & Equipment - just what it says, plus any upgrades, construction, "Next Gen", etc.
B) Research, Engineering & Development - This includes aviation safety, and "NextGen".
C) Airport Improvement Program - This includes airport planning and development for public use airports.
D) Essential Air Service - This funds the gap between revenue and cost for lowest-bidder airlines to continue carrier service to communities that rely on carrier service, but which don't have enough passengers to be profitable.
E) Part of the FAA Operations account, which includes ATC, safety inspections, notices, charting, etc.

The FAA has not been reauthorized in full since 2007. For the last 4 years, political parties have been bickering over what they want to allow, based primarily on party lines. Considering the entire budget for the FAA is one third of that of Education, and a speck compared to "Defense".

Based on this, and the August 2 debt ceiling issue, regardless of what is done to alleviate issues, I think we're lookng at travel, transportation, and communication becoming more expensive, fewer operations, etc.

Basically, the US is slowly sliding into poverty. People are bickering about bits and pieces here and there, BUT WE PURPOSEFULLY DEVALUED OUR ENTIRE CURRENCY BY FIFTY PERCENT AND STILL CANNOT SPEND LESS THAN WE PRODUCE!