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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Low/No VOC Paint
Josh 201604 KWP
So we've had SERIOUS problems getting our Blik to stick to Max's newly painted walls. The Blik is a very adhesive vinyl sheet, cut into pretty patterns. If you ask me "What is Blik" I will mock you, because #1, that's the website, and #2, STFW!

We used Olympic No VOC premium paint from lowes, and apparently, this is the cause of our woes. Our friend, Jenny, said this about the Benjamin Moore low/no VOC paint she tried:
Our no VOC paint peels, chips, and otherwise needs to be retouched if you hit it. Sucks, really. A blanket once rubbed some off. I can barely clean it because it's so sensitive. I thought painting with it was way weird and cumbersome, given it's tackiness, too. I am super sensitive to paint fumes but I hated the no VOC paint so much I pained the whole basement with regular paint. Oh yeah! I can't stick post-its to no VOC paint either. I bet it's the paint causing the Blik problems.
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That sounds very dramatic of me-- ha! In all seriousness though, the local paint store said many people have complained about the paint peeling off too. Really for us we're talking dime/nickle sized pieces, or strips where a chair or shelves rubbed it, or the place I used cleanser to get crayon off. It's just the current color is blue, and the former color neon green, and thus super obvious when chipped. Have you used the googles to see if others have made the VOC/Blik connection? I have not yet.

Couldn't find hardly anything... It's tough to search on... I keep coming up with "blik is self adhesive"...

At 20:53 CDT Jeni Bean commented on your note "Low/No VOC Paint".

Jeni wrote: "Just for fun I took our restick blik and restuck it to a wall with no-voc paint. Didn't seem to stick as well and in 5 minutes was beginning to fall off. Restuck on original wall and it gripped and suck just fine. Been 15 min and no peeling. I think Blik should know about this."

Thread at https://www.facebook.com/notes/josh-d-s-davis/lowno-voc-paint/10150251222457551

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Re: At 20:53 CDT Jeni Bean commented on your note "Low/No VOC Paint".

Copied this to the LJ thread and notified Erica. Maybe washing the blik area with normal paint thinner, or denatured alcohol will help. I will make a note to test.

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