Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Low/No VOC Paint

So we've had SERIOUS problems getting our Blik to stick to Max's newly painted walls. The Blik is a very adhesive vinyl sheet, cut into pretty patterns. If you ask me "What is Blik" I will mock you, because #1, that's the website, and #2, STFW!

We used Olympic No VOC premium paint from lowes, and apparently, this is the cause of our woes. Our friend, Jenny, said this about the Benjamin Moore low/no VOC paint she tried:
Our no VOC paint peels, chips, and otherwise needs to be retouched if you hit it. Sucks, really. A blanket once rubbed some off. I can barely clean it because it's so sensitive. I thought painting with it was way weird and cumbersome, given it's tackiness, too. I am super sensitive to paint fumes but I hated the no VOC paint so much I pained the whole basement with regular paint. Oh yeah! I can't stick post-its to no VOC paint either. I bet it's the paint causing the Blik problems.
Tags: house, paint
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