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JB Problems
Josh 201604 KWP
My iPhone4 was at 4.3.1 with RedSn0w 9.6-RC8 and was getting flaky.

I'd used a GEVEY to run a Bahamas TelCo SIM in my phone, and ever since, caller-ID wouldn't look up in my addressbook.

A coworker did the same for a Jamaica SIM and no problems.

I decided to install 4.3.3 on my phone and jailbreak it after.

I downloaded 4.3.3 ipsw and ran iTunes SHIFT-Restore to install it.

All looked well, but it bombed out, various codes, and stayed stuck in Recovery.

Wiped out my /etc/hosts file, retried, same issue.

Came up to 4.3.5 and it worked fine.

Tried 4.3.1 and it seemed to work, and then 4.2.1 said no-way.

Ultimately, there were a couple of issues.

#1) TinyUmbrella is your friend for serving up SHSH blobs
-- Save your SHSH blobs often
-- Turn off the 2 Advanced: Cydia options
-- Refresh "DNS Client" any time starting, stopping, etc of TinyUmbrella.
-- Restart TinyUmbrella after it serves up SHSH blobs because 5.00.9 will get into a spin-lock
#2) The 1013 error from iTunes is NORMAL
-- Exit Recovery no longer works, but Fix Recovery from DFU works.
-- The FixRecovery43.exe utility is better than the one built into tinyumbrella.
#3) Getting into DFU when stuck in recovery loop is a pain, but can be done.
-- Once off, then power, +1s, home, wait for recovery screen to come and go,
-- +4S, release power, +5S, TU will say DFU found.
-- Be patient when it looks like the GreenPois0n has hung on start
-- The white screen of doom is only about 10 seconds
#4) It's easier to run the RedSn0w before recovery/activation
-- Jailbreak first makes it so your PkgBackup is ready to run after Restore.
-- JailBreakMe.COM would require waiting for the restore so you can use Safari

Anyway, so happy, because I'm not bricked, I'm up to 4.3.3, and I'm still JailBroken.



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