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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
I wish I remembered more of the dream, but it's from a couple of hours ago and I forgot it.

There was some place with airplanes.

Then there was a place in China where bath tiles had wax painted on it to honor people.

Some other stuff happened that I don't recall.

Somehow I ended up shifting into a parallel universe. It was very similar to ours, except technology was more advanced. They used RNA injections for rapid education, and they had a portal system that was natural to their universe. The portals weren't constructed or directly obvious, but if you looked right at it, and walked right at it, then it would have streaky sparkles of light. The portal would only be usable if a solid object were placed in the same spot.

So I ended up in a warehouse, dim lighting, dirty glass, maybe 1500sqft. This turned out to be some guy's house, and after we sorted out that he wasn't going to hurt me and I wasn't going to rob him, he showed me a couple of places we could go.

We went through the portal on the left frame of his door, and that took us to a bookshelf in his friend's house. It was basically a square room with book shelves on all the walls, and in the center was another square of bookshelves facing out. We walked to the opposite side, and went through another bookshelf, which dropped us into a store.

The store sold novelty items and books. I gathered up a few science text books, and other things that were different from our world. A brief scan, and Sci Fi and D&D books looked pretty much the same as in our world. etc etc.

Erica ended up here but not really. I had to reach into the local portal, which was inside a glass shelf, so the angle had to be right or I'd get stuck. I was able to pull her through.

The guys with us had to go to work, so I verified our route back. I asked how to get back HOME and the dream got fuzzy. The storekeeper made an offhanded comment that with the stuff we were getting, it was almost like we weren't from that world. (Because who used BOOKS to learn anymore anyway?) I said maybe so. I was a little worried.

At this point, I took my stuff up and through the store portal, then around the bookshelves to the front one, then back into the warehouse, and then back into our reality by waking up.

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(Deleted comment)
All I remember from last night is that my taxi driver was going into labor and she calmly asked me to time her contraction while she drove me to my destination....

And I wake up to find that the ants finally found my cereal. :/ I keep forgetting I can put it in the freezer.

(Deleted comment)
I remove the crawlers that I could (they were freaked out that I found them), microwaved what was left, removed the ones still freaking out, and then put it in the freezer. No strange taste noticed, but I've had a strong interest to burrow....

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