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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Weight Loss v2 progression
Josh 201604 KWP
Still on track. I've not reached my minimum yet, but I'm still on track.

I decided to pull the chart only, not the plan, because the plan made the chart so tiny. Also, I had one as a snapshot at the end of Weight Loss v1, so a comparison is easier.

Old, 2008-04 to 2008-08 Weight Loss:

This image shows the whole deal. I gave up after this. I looked, and thought I'd given it months, but my records show I gave up after 3 weeks of lack of motivation. After this, I slowly worked my way back up to 285, and hung out +/- 3 pounds until Aug/Sept 2011, where Bahamian food was helping me crest 290, with a peak evening weight of 293.

New, 2011-2012 Weight Loss:

At the end of September, my PM weight was 293, and AM weight was 290. I thought I would do 750 kcal per day deficit, which is doable, but I can't recover from lapses. I shifted to 500kcal per day deficit, and this appears to be sustainable. Picking the right foods helps prevent hunger. Also, leaving calories for more meals helps prevent hunger. When I lapse, or have a special event, then it's easy to make up for it. ++1600 (+1100 over BMR) means I can recover in half a week without really hurting. It's pretty easy to hit a 900 deficit and not suffer. So that's how it's gone. I don't limit what I eat, just how much calories per day I have. If I kill them all with cookies, then I'll definitely be hungry in the evening.

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You're doing awesome!
Yea for sustainable healthy eating :)


oontz oontz oontz Still going... :) Had some back pain the last 2 weeks that sort of impeded me, but I'm still completely on track.

Re: Continuing...

It's been tough this week for me with my mom and stepdad in town! I'm having tiny bites of everything!

Yah, my only way to do it is with the iPhone app. I stop and weigh everything I eat at home. I get food, and I spend 10 mins documenting it before I eat. When I'm out, I estimate/guess, and round up. :)

I eat fast enough that it's not a big impact on who finishes food first (me!). Cumbersome, but the only way I can keep it up.

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