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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Jailbreak 5.0.1
Josh 201604 KWP
NOT: iPhone4S, iPad2
Otherwise, iOS 5.0.1 jailbroken, untethered.

Be sure to use pkgbackup, sync, backup, etc before starting.
If you don't use infinifolders, then expect your icons to be strewn about afterwards.

RedSn0w gave me NO cooperation.
* On laptop with MS Visual C, RS just crashes.
* On another, clean system, it just left my phone rebooting constantly.
* 5000 other people were able to JB using RedSn0w/PwnageTool without problems.
* Downloads at: http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/14857834236
* Directions everywhere (force restore to 5.0.1, then use redsn0w to jailbreak on top)

sn0wbreeze 2.8b11 was good to me.
* Directions: http://www.redmondpie.com/how-to-jailbreak-ios-5.0.1-on-windows-using-sn0wbreeze-2.8b11-guide/
* Downloads at: http://ih8sn0w.com

* Expect to apply/sync again after the jailbreak, then pkgbackup to restore cydia stuff.
* If using Installous, you'll need appsync 5+ after things are all settled.
* Sync doesn't lock you out of your device anymore - it looks like a normal download from itunes store, even when you're using usb restore.
* If you sync/backup to the cloud, it'll disable sync to iTunes. Not sure details, may be benign.

I had a SIM passcode, so restore broke in the middle. I'm still restoring.
* Not 100% sure I haven't lost all my app settings, but pkgbackup was set to save this just in case.
* I still haven't done untethered reboot, because of the restore delays, but it all looks promising.

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(Deleted comment)
* Several interface enhancements (2 clicks to turn on flashlight, or go to airplane mode, one button to hang up, etc)
* The ability to install software that isn't approved by Apple (such as SSH, or wireless network analyzer).
* The ability to log in and manipulate my files (transferred my saved data from iphone to ipad)
* The ability to back up application data in a way that still works when iTunes munges everything.
* Satisfaction of ignoring a company that tells me what I'm allowed to do with hardware that I own. (What if Toyota said you're not allowed to open the hood of your car, or that you're not allowed to use Sony or Phillips brand radios or movie players in your car?)

We'll see if the voicemail issue is resolved with iOS 5. The issue started/was caused by using chip that allowed me to use a non-US SIM card in my phone. Probably a modem firmware issue. It's not just me. It's also apparently not just jailbroken devices. AT&T will have issues with "visual voicemail" at various times.

If I could figure out exactly how iOS polls VV on boot, I could just set a cron job on my phone to make up for AT&T's failure to push notifications to my phone about voicemail.

(Deleted comment)
It's not about warranty though. The proper way for it to be handled would be "I'm sorry, you misused the equipment, so we will not honor the warranty." It should not be "we reserve the right to disable your equipment, and sue you in court for misusing it."

It's beyond protection of intellectual capital. Apple actually sued people in court, claiming it was illegal for people to do the work required to get access to the hardware of iOS devices. The reason is that they capitalize on the marketing of the "Apple Experience". If you don't experience it the way they envision, then you're not representing the product in the way that they feel will sell more units.

Those reasons are insufficient for that level of process control on a consumer device. It really is the same as if you opened the hood of your car, and Toyota threatened to disable your car. Or, "I'm sorry, but this rake may only be pulled by your right arm. If you try to repaint it, and pull it left-handed, we will sue you for patent violations."

An example of a good way to handle it is an IBM server. AIX doesn't come on an encrypted disc, and IBM doesn't sue people for logging in as root and doing an odmget. If I want to install third party device drivers, I can. If I want to run Linux on it and slap in 3rd party PCI cards, I can do that too. Now, you can buy the equipment outright, or you can buy part of it, or you can lease it, or any mix. Once you buy the equipment, what you do with it is your business unless you make a warranty claim.

There have been battles over this already. AT&T sued telephone manufacturers, because only AT&T is allowed to install telephones on your home jack. Auto manufacturers used to void warranties if you didn't use their brand of oil and filter. etc. Consumer choice is important.

But, I have a strong sensitivity towards authority that exists purely because someone wants control. I feel it poking and prickling at me.

My update went pretty cleanly...

Backed up via iTunes
Backed up via PkgBackup
Used Pwnage to build a new IPSW file, installed that and restored iTunes backup
Installed PkgBackup and restored JB apps/data

The update ate 3 years worth of text messagtes, but everything else seemed fine. (known issue apparently, if the sms.db conversion failes or gets interrupted)

But, restoring from backup in iTunes and letting the conversion run again put all the text messages back.

iPhone was pretty good. SnowBreeze is like pwnage - made an ipsw, restored with itunes. Didn't save my baseband though (don't really care).

Restore failed on ipad. Not sure why. About half the apps are hung "Installing". Itunes store is broken, and reboots don't help. Will retry a third time when I'm back home. Probably trying to do wifi even though I'm cabled, and probably failing.

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