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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Dear Tivoli
Josh 201604 KWP
Again, your choice to use non-standard installers leaves much to be desired.

Your installer for TSM Reporting 6.3.1 tells me that root is not root, so I can't install.

Your prereq check program tells me my AIX 64-bit OS, a version WHICH HAS NO 32-BIT KERNEL AT ALL, is running in 32-bit mode, and that it won't run. Further, it tells me the db2inst1 user exists (it doesn't) and is not in the db2grp (nonexistent).


I have been fighting with this crap-assed installer for so long that I've blown through my budgeted hours and still don't have a working GUI for my customer. I know, it's difficult, but really, you had a 300k WORKING GUI 10 years ago, and you scrap it for this pile of crap slapped on top of websphere with an InstallNowhere bundle?

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I want to come fix your computer for you
but somehow I don't think I'd be much help.

Computers and visits

A hug from you would make a world of difference. :)

Though, aren't you still dealing with boxes of the cardboard variety?

... I would love to be dealing with boxes.
First we have to find a place to move them into.


(Deleted comment)
Part 2, I was concerned about, so I just wiped and reinstalled the OS from clean image. Never had DB2 on it for anything. No DB2 user or group in /etc.

Part 1, APAR IC77036, it says the recommendation is to always install as root. However, I am running the install as root.

I have a PMR open, but the tech missed where I wrote "AIX 7 only comes in 64-bit, and this is a clean OS install", with ls and grep commands proving such. Trying to be patient, but was given the "here, go to this URL and collect this info" which was 99% related to pre-installed and working versions... so, for a PMR opened at 11:30am, I got no real help by EOBD.

Anyway, this is more to vent, and not to obtain assistance by abusing my sister's position in a passive-aggressive attack on her product family.

Oh, I didn't take it as a passive-aggressive attempt to get help from me. I just was sitting in front of the tv and googled some stuff and threw it out there *just* in case you hadn't see it and it was related. I didnt *really* expect to find anything that you hadnt already found via google. And, I know if you really want me to try to look something up / track something down via resources that I have available to me at the office, I know you would ask me outright. :-)

What's really killing me is this TDP/R3 on HPUX.

Upgraded, and now brarchive is scanning the list of every possible log file that's ever existed.

It hasn't touched TSM yet, nor RMAN yet. sbtio.log is not changed.

I have no idea why it's doing this, right after I upgraded TDP.

I'm thinking maybe the local DBAs tried some sort of recovery which broke pointers and they forgot they did it.

(Deleted comment)
No no, you're all good. I have MULTIPLE issues. :)

I already have a PMR for each of the 2 problems that are, in theory, being escalated. (High latency for L1 response, and not real-time. They just email after the initial callback to say that I need to send the info pointed out by a techdoc.)

The brarchive issues have been:
* Have to copy agent.lic into the /oracle/SID/dbs . I don't remember having to do this way back when.
* agent.lic must be owned by root, but readable by db user
* Uninstaller doesn't clean up all of its mess
* Manually recreating a pile of symlinks for each system.
* Some MaxDB systems which don't have ADINT, but "were backing up to TSM before."
* Unknown issue where brarchive must rebuild its' catalog prior to contacting TSM or RMAN.
* One or two other things I've forgotten.

For TSM Reporting, Gary suggested I try installing admin-center first, then R&M, as that sequence worked for him.

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