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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Tivoli installer woes continue
Josh 201604 KWP
Because Monitoring and Reporting won't go on, a coworker suggested I try installing AdminCenter first, then M&R on top.

So I start, and I get a generic failure that step 0004 failed one subcomponent. The log shows that the installer deletes all of the sub-log files. No idea why it failed to install the TIP Fix Pack. But, I can't install again, because it's mostly installed. The package has a -uninstall option, but it just goes back into the installer.

I'm trying to uninstall each of the subpackages manually, but it looks like I might also have to manually uninstall deployment engine, which is a "support" procedure, not on the web.

Speaking of support, I got a call for my PMR, and the tech asked me to send in a testcase with info blah. I did that, with comments about what seemed odd and wrong. He skipped those comments and told me to fix the things which were false (must be 64-bit... Well, I AM 64-bit. Must fix db2 user if db2 was previously on... it's a clean install. Must be root. I AM root.) Anyway. emails back and forth, with 2-4 business hour delay between each, and finally it was escalated.

So, now, it's been 50 hours, and the only responses I've gotten have been effectively to clarify the logs, which should have taken 30 minutes on the phone.

All of this, because Tivoli wants 8 products, 50 gigs and 4 hours to install a GUI for their flagship product to provide functionality slightly more complex than what they used to provide in a 3mb binary that took 5 minutes to install and configure.

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(Deleted comment)
KP wrote to me at 4pm regarding the ERP issue, but that's all sorted out.

No info on the reporting module PMR. Critsit could be opened by Duty Manager, or by filling out a web form and marking it as "Complaint". Web response is up to 24 hours, and DM response is maybe 4-ish. Not sure what I think about CSIS without Sev1, and I'm not at a point where I'm willing to work 24x7 on it (Sev1 prereq).

Also, it looks like I resolved the issue on my own by installing in the opposite order I read in that one place in that one document buried in that one techdoc and in the 3 times per week that publib doesn't give proxy errors.

If I didn't know a quarter of the people in the support queue, I'd open a complaint on responsiveness, but they're already irked that we hired Will away from them.

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