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Josh-D. S. Davis

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(no subject)
Josh 201604 KWP
General Assessment:
Android Mail pretty much sucks. iOS mail is 100% better than anything androidy. Icon/app organization is more annoying (one at a time, vs a bulk edit mode like on iOS). Plus, Android couldn't figure out if I wanted a widget, an app, a notification tool, or any manner of other ways of launching apps and applets. Also, some config elements were not intuitive to find, though I think I had that problem on iOS.

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My android device has a native gmail account. It's functional, but it doesn't let me define any other mail servers.

The alternative is the "Mail" app, which is crap, and when I define gmail inside of there, it makes a bunch of crappy folders on its own for trash, sent, drafts, etc which aren't handled properly in gmail or other apps.

Is it really required to keep my gmail account separate from other accounts, or is there a proper way to set this up so I can have a unified folder display without garbage folders showing up?


Have you tried setting the IMAP prefix under settings -> Incoming?

Yes. The value just goes away, and no change in display.

Edited at 2012-07-12 01:33 pm (UTC)

What about during account creation?

Yes. There too. I deleted the account, and recreated with manual settings.

I added "[Gmail]", without quotes, to the "Imap Prefix" box.

I still have a +[Gmail] section in the mail app, and my "Sent" is separate from "Sent Mail". Same with Trash. *GRRR*

Don't use anything other than gmail. :)

Re: Very simple solution:

I wish, but company uses outlook.com and is trying for app integration for autotask.

I know, it's baffling... Android is good for everything except Google stuff. I've had three versions of Android on two different phones. Gmail, google image search, Picasa, gtalk... all have serious issues. All the third party stuff is great.

K9 was compact and stylish, but I had trouble... hrm... maybe office365 integration. I forget, but I abandoned it after an hour or so.

Enhanced Email seems pretty good so far, but not cheap.

K9 was okay. I think I had outlook.com integration issues. Enhanced Email is pretty good.

All the Google integration is actually awesome so far, except the non-gmail mail app.

It looks like Enhanced Email may solve my issues... kinda pricey but good.

My current install, I haven't noticed problems with my gmail. (I used to have problems with not knowing when my messages had sent, among other things.)

But Gtalk apparently shows me online when I'm supposed to be invisible (and often when I haven't touched my phone for hours) and shows me as 'away' when I'm actually chatting. Picasa will only show me the first 100 pictures of an album, which is a drag if I'm looking at an album with more than that. At the moment, when I do a Google image search, the results are just thumbnails, not links to web pages or larger images.

Any other random app I install? Works perfectly! So I'm okay with it.

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