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Family Tree tools
Josh 201604 KWP
* great interface, and good features
* Collaboration is easy.
* Older trees' default privacy was too open.
* Merging trees may change ownership.
* Trial is full featured
* Yearly cost is non-trivial.
* Huge amounts of support
* Great archives, horrible indexes
* Extremely limited for non-paid
* Monthly costs
* Manual work for merging trees, connecting references, etc.
* Moderately decent searching
* Poor substantiation, references, etc.
* Great for well established trees
* No longer supports GEDCOM
* Shared tree is public - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* UK based ancestry information
* Extensive indexing of scanned resources - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* PhpGedView, reworked, using MySQL only
* Runs on your own server

PC Programs:
* Syncs from major websites to many PC apps
*,,, etc
* AQ, PAF, FTM, etc.
* Free download - semi-beta
* Copies media files as well as chart data
* Windows and OSX support

* Fast, but had major defects in 1.0. Need to review v2.1

* Minor issues in v4, but had pulled ahead of most everyone else

Personal Ancestry File:
* De facto standard for compatibility and function.
* Not updated in over a decade
* Still better than most editors out there

Ancestral Quest:
* The maker of the last 2 versions of PAF
* Some enhancements over PAF
* Great compatibility
* Still somewhat dated
* Trial/Essential version replaces PAF, still free
* Trial version is annoyware.

Family Tree Maker:
* Horrible compatibility, but some good non-standard features.
* Listed here only because it's popular
* Not going to use this, or any of the others.

Good reviews:
* Some tools not reviewed in 5 years, and new versions need to be checked.
* Great performance and compatibility tests
* Rambly, so spend some time
* Some of the best reference on Gene tools anywhere.
* Best of:

* Additional processing for SNP dumps
* Freely downloadable python tools for parsing dumps
* This is for people not worried about genetic privacy
* Lots of open-source genotyping development
* Genotyping with community, reports, updates, etc
* Moderately prices
* Not a complete gene map
* Offers dumps of your data if you like


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