Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Semantics and age

So, there's a problem. My friend, webwawa, posted an image about lung cancer awareness, which said "no one deserves to die." This set off my semantic statement warning system, and I guess I wasn't alone. Her post went away, but I had to find the campaign anyway.

I did, and other than ignoring the reality that everyone dies, and not dying would be torture, the site was really good. It didn't say that all lung cancer was caused by smoking, and didn't focus only on lung cancer. The page URL is a misnomer, but the summary info is good:

This page is the one that brought up something that makes me sad. The problem is that, at age 40, overall risks of cancer go up by between 1000% and 2500% depending on the type of cancer. I'm 37. EEEK! It would be best if I could find a way to stop aging. kthxbai.

Just as a reminder, the lifetime risk of cancer is 49% for men and 33% for women.

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