Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis


A short, attractive woman in a green tshirt was hunting us with a gun. We ducked into an old house to hide, and ended up stuck in a slip universe. after who knows how long of roaming around. one of us. not someone we would have known outside (think Roscoe) had aclue... 973.

Searching thegrounds, we found they liked 1foot hex pavestones, and on closer inspection, they were gravestones, and they were numbered.

We found the area but from 967 and up were missing.

We looked around and found older areas in the 400s, multinumbered stones, stones in courtyards and back fields, etc, but not 973.

Cut to hitmen outside, in an office. They were giving 973 to their boss, and split it in half, to keep us inside.

So, we stood where 973 should have been and I said, how about over 9000? loking toward where 9000 would be, we saw a perspective gap in the wall, and entered a tunnel.

The killer was waiting for us.

Then I woke up to zero saliva and a tight chest. I have saliva and no fear now, but my chest is still a little heavy.

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