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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Garage Lighting
Josh 2004 Happy
We had a fluorescent fixture in our garage, with two 25W T12 bulbs.  The bulbs and the ballast are dead.  In removing the ballast, I had to pull down the whole fixture.  It turns out that the fixture is using a 3-pin extension cord with the ground pin broken off, and it's a really short piece of extension cord. The wire nuts were mashed up between the fixture and the drywall.

I didn't REALLY want to wire up a proper junction box for the fixture, though it's not out of the question.  I thought I'd check and see what other options there were.

A new ballast module is $18, and a new pack of 6 bulbs is $29.  I can't find 25W, but they have 40W.  Can't find 2-packs. I know Batteries Plus has all of this, but they are 2x the cost of buying online for everything else.

On the other hand, I already have 6 meters of 3528 LED ribbon with 120 SMD LEDs per meter.  I decided it's worth buying some quick connectors, and a couple of fully assembled power supplies.  I'll cut the ribbon up and put sections of it in various places, and have it all hang off of the existing light socket from the 2-prong, screw-in adapter.  Saves me from having to wire up a proper, grounded fixture, and having to deal with the phase-out of T12 bulbs and parts.

BUT, I might still re-wire the existing fixture, since since I always feel it's not bright enough in the garage.  I just need to decide whether I want the fixture somewhere else.  I have a lot of romex (10 and 12ga).