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Second & Third batches become Second batch

UPDATE 2013-01-27
Ann from SoapImpressions had a nice article about pH strips which I mentally incorporated in Batch 1.
I didn't think to do this yesterday, but I found one of Kathy Miller's pages that indicated too much caustic leads to a crumbly soap.

So, in checking by mass, my crumbly soap is about 1 kilogram. My SWAG measures show it should have been close to 2 kilograms. The pH tested at almost 12. The photo won't show right, but visually, it was about 11.9 or 12.

The Tea Tree soap is a proper pH of 10, but it's still too soft. At this rate, it will take weeks before I can even unmold it.

I've decided to:
A) Mix the two together to improve the hardness
B) Add 750g additional oil to help neutralize the rest of the Lye.

This will take a while of heating on the stove, but at least I can walk away from it most of the time.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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