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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Second batch Update
Josh 2004 Happy
SECOND BATCH - UPDATE 2013-01-27 16:56
Mixed soap was very pale. Added more essential oils, spices for color, and almond meal for texture.
Using lined cardboard tubes instead of tiny muffin tins for most of the soap. Unfortunately, not all had bottoms, and my stamping to settle the soap let some leak out of the bottom. The empty oatmeal box was really good though.

Final recipe:
* 1317g H2O
* 785g Palm oil
* 414g Coconut oil 76F
* 364g KOH
* 330g Pork Lard
* 323g Cottonseed oil
* 229g Palm Kernel Oil - Hydrogenated
* 226g Olive Pomace oil
* 128g tea tree oil
* 113g sweet orange oil
* 101g NaOH
* 70g Chicken Fat
* 68g Almond meal
* 50g Shea Butter
* 49g zinc oxide - makes opaque
* 28g Beef Tallow
* 20g Coconut oil
* 28g Rosemary oil
* 10g Paprika - Ground
* 7g Candelillia Wax
* 5g Sodium Benzoate - food grade preservative
* 2g Turmeric - Ground

Final pH: 9.75 to 10.25 (2 measures)
I'll re-check after it cures, assuming it actually solidifies with that much water in it.

Also, I found that while the temperature per stove notch was less with the doubleboiler, net heating was much better due to it heating the sides of the pot. Also, direct heat would dry out the bottom soap and form an insulation layer. On the flip side, overfull water caused boiling water and steam to spray up on me. At 180, the stick blender works pretty well, though there were still a few bits of the potassium soap that stuck to the sides and I didn't get mixed in very well. They show up as creamy-white blemishes. Otherwise, the soap is speckled orangey-tan.

* I need to calculate the glycerine and water contents, print out specs, percentages, etc.
* Retest the pH in a week or so to make sure there are no hot spots.
* Get more empty cardboard with bottoms (milk jug!) and produce bags for liners.
* See how this firms up in the tubes (lots of water in this).
* Maybe need to remelt and add salt (sodium = hardness) and sugar (sucrose = foam).

* Double-Boiler LOW is 135, 1 is 160, 2 is 175-180.
* KOH should be mixed in 3 adds into ice water, rather than all at once.
* Be more cautious measuring by weight
* Add Zinc Oxide at light trace
* Hot oil and caustic go straight to the separation phase.
* Mix additives, water soluables, and fragrances at TRACE, not after full-soap.
* Adding things at full-soap requires more water
* Hot caustic gives off hydrogen fumes which are not fun to breathe.
* 3 heaping tsp of Zinc Oxide per quart is awesome.

Best References

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