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Josh-D. S. Davis

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More google frusts
Josh 2004 Happy

Searching the iOS 5 map now pulls up sponsored links which often overlay what I am actually looking for.

I understand doing this on the free download app, but the old OS version should not do this.

I guess I should update... The TomTom iOS6 version has been pretty good for me other than missing some 6-month construction in 2 places, and searching sub-city regions works better for me.

On the flip side, TomTom regular data quality went downhill after version 9.

Other issues with Google have been their recent SSL policy changes (December 2012?), summary judgement to cancel my adwords account (2011?), automatic downloading of my ipad pics after Plus app update (2013), calendar monopoly without authenticated interop, and overall data monopoly while being advert driven rather than privacy/service driven.

update 2013-03-03: Also, Google apps suspended and locked Max's account because he tried to sign up for Google+ and put in his age (under 13). There was no prior warning in apps when I enabled the slider. I only ,a href="http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1689647">found it</a> when I went searching separately about minimum ages and Google apps. There's nowhere to ask for help, just a feedback form which says they won't answer, but appreciate my input.

In the details of The google page, it says that I can go into the apps administrator and correct his DoB. So I go there, and the options mentioned are not listed.

On the accounts page, where it's whining about his age, the terms link says that a parent can authenticate for a minor to have the account unlocked. So I fill out the form, and it fails because his account is locked for being under 13.

Ultimately, just as I was about to move the domain off of apps (since his teachers email him), Max REALLY wanted to stick with a Google based account, mostly for Chrome sync. I was able to rename his old account, delete the aliases, and create a new account under the old name. I had a backup of all of his received mail to date (but none of his sent mail). I uploaded that into his new All Mail folder. He will recreate his contacts, which seem to not have been sync'd to his iPod.

In searching, Zimbra is pretty decent for mail/calendar. I'm fairly happy with it, but no one's calendars seem to interoperate very well, especially when there's authentication. I'm looking at Tine 2.0, which looks pretty awesome. When I installed it, it just worked, much unlike Horde in the past, Kolab, etc. Also looks like something that would be good for work.