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Thoughts on "The Theory of Evolution"
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Consider these observable facts:
* Procreation is not exact, and genetic mutation occurs in all offspring.
* Some genetic mutation is minor, and some is major.
* Some mutations provide a reduction in survivability
* Some mutations provide a benefit to survivability (physical prowess, critical thinking, disease resistance, etc).

So, regardless of whether humans exist purely by evolutionary purposes, the concepts underlying the process of evolution are observable.

Also, make sure you understand what the term "Theory" actually means. It means it's been tested, and is provable under many circumstances. It becomes a "Law" when it is provable all the time.

Now, if it were the "Hypothesis of Evolution", THAT would give some credibility to arguments counter to evolution. A "Hypothesis" is an educated guess, with some supporting evidence, which is uses as a basis against which to test further suppositions.

Really, it's an education and semantics war. If you're not educated, or discount evidence because you don't like it, or can't assimilate it into your world views, then you are not a credible resource. That makes you not qualified to decide policy on the matter unless it poses an immediate threat against your life.

As to those who say "Buh buh buh THE HOLY SCRIPTURES SAY!!!!!" They say a lot of things, but they do not say "Evolution does not exist" any more than they do not say "Gravity does exist" and "E=MC^2". If you believe in a creator deity, that does not contradict evolution as a principle. It only contradicts the people who do not believe in a creator deity and decided that evolution was evidence of non-existence (it's not).

Evolution is a process. Evolution doesn't say who started the initial spark, whether there are time acceleration affects involved, at what level the spark was created, etc. If an all powerful God created everything, including humans, then that God also created evolution, likely as a tool to simplify making multiple types of organisms, and to provide some resiliency against variations in the environment.

Here is your argument:
Museum Visitor: "This painting was made with green and brown paint."
Fundamental Religion: "NO, GOD MADE THAT PAINTING!"
Museum Visitor: But, it's still green and brown.

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Hi, I randomly found your journal and I like what you have to say. I'm the father of four, getting married to the love of my life in September, and am just looking for new friends on here. I added you, hopefully you'll find something interesting on my journal as well.

I don't post as much here as I used to. I have a pile of junk on plus, facebook, and occasionally blogger, and my wordpress site

I'm WAY TOO INTERNETTED, but seem to be drifting a little.

Anyway, I added you. We can see how it turns out.


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