Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Dream Parallels

I had an awesome dream, where I slipped through to a parallel universe (sometime that's mi idea of what dreams or daydreames are) and helped a bunch of friends and aquaintances with a world war. I was 19, but had my knowledge from now.

One friend, we became close and really enjoyed eachother. She wrote notes for me to tell her here-self to prove we new eachother so we could be friends here. I had her write it, and it was very scripty, with letters lined up a certain way. It was like elvish. She also gave me a lock of hair, coarse, long, and crinkly.

She reminded me of Stefanie F, but it wasn't her. In that world, they knew of eachother. I cannot remember her name or where she lived.

The school we talked at, we were visiting because of a war room coordination on the weekend or evening. Schools were extra important with the war on, and they got better technology and were more fortified.

Somehow, not everyone knew there was a war, but many did.

There was also a gathering in the backyard of what was my mom's house in this universe. Lots of tables. Lobster was there, a friend IRL from ages past.

Anyway, we didn't get to hug goodbye. We exchanged the info in the notepad, and I told her to look up the version of me from there. I was going to call her when I got back and convince her we'd met parallel and that we should try to be friends.

I don't remember her name, and I miss her. It's weird to miss someone from a dream that I cannot ever remember her name (common issue of names for me). But I do. We were great friends for months, but I'll forget she ever existed by tomorrow.

If I remembered, I would see if she were a real person. Dreams have a way of coalescing real information.

Anyway, I woke, as is the stimulus for remembered dreams, and was up 1 minute before my alarm to go bicycling. Time to have a light snack and go.

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