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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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2013-07-04 Grapevine Trails.
Josh 2004 Happy
Scott, Tony and I met at the MADD shelter and rode out to the W4 turnaround.

Scott's only issue was Tony and I being so much slower than him, even though his disc calipers were rubbing the whole time.

I had some serious back pain that grew progressively during the ride. My right knee was also hurting, from the increased exertion, but was better when I stood on the pedals.

The biggest issue though was some autoshifting problems, and which turned out to be my new KMC chain popping a rivet. I had to punch out all excess links to join it back together - the rivets don't push back in, and I didn't have a stack of spare master links.

In the process of failing, the chain skipped to the inside, past the low limit stop, and bent sprockets 1-3. I pounded on that to flatten it out enough so I could use sprocket 4, and I rode the last 2 miles fixed there. It wasn't too bad because of the terrain on the final stretch back. (W1)

Tony's issue was hydration/cooling/nutrition. He's been off for a few days, and wasn't able to take in enough to stay cool and energized. He's not ridden for a couple of weeks prior, so it took him a while to get into a groove. He had heat exhaustion by the time we made it back to the pavilion, but was fine after a little rest.

The overall time on trail was from 09:30ish to 13:30ish, with lots and lots of stops for all of our issues, but we finished the ride successfully and had burgers on Grapevine Main St.

miles hours mi/hr Elevation gain (ft)
11.00 1:35:55 6.86 420

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