Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

2013-04-14 Cycling HV to GV Round Trip

2013-07-14 14:22 - First sizable ride after the biketastrophe on July 4. Back is doing okay. Bike is doing okay. Rode down to Murrell Park and entered the trail at the security post rather than the MADD Pavilion. It was a little tougher to navigate in the mud, and there were several places I had to walk or even divert to keep from cutting huge ruts. There were plenty of those already from the day’s riders who took the challenge. I found that the real reason to move from rim brakes to disc brakes is because rim brakes catch a lot of mud. The best was the accumulation of mudstone flats against the seat stays, forming a superbrake. In one clearing procedure, I found a small, hooked piece of metal. Luckily, the wound bled profusely, cleansing itself. No swelling or irritation an hour later. I had a sandwich with me, and at 1h 40m, I had a couple of big bites from it, and at about 2H I ate the rest. Energy levels were sustainable, but lower from 1:40 on. Hydration was a caffeine+vitamin+aspartame additive in 2L of ice+water. I had about 12oz remaining when I got home. I feel pretty good, though I really need to get softer handlebar grips. Also, I think I need a front mech to keep my chain on when it’s pushed by obstructions like mud, or indecisive shifting. I think sometime this week I will try to ride up to Eureka Park, then down to Grapevine, then back home. That should be 40+ miles of known route with limited road riding.

Distance: 21.70 mi
Time: 2:38:58
Avg Speed: 8.2 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,188 ft
Calories: 1,596
Tags: cycling
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