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Other places I post
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Most of my non-drivel is posted to . You can add this to your friend's list and get notified on it, or you can go to the source, my wordpress at , and subscribe by email. It used to be just my Hosting news. Not much of that, so I also have IBM reference, cycling notes, personal bloggy stuff, etc. RSS subscription above is probably more reliable, because Dreamhost is a little restrictive on automatic processes.

Much of omnitech is replicated to:
* - this works automagically
* - this also works automagically, but is basically just another Facebook. Different people like this better, but it was really slow to pick up the features I wanted. It's still not very usable for me, but all of google's services seem to be merging there, such as Latitude, Chat, etc.
* - this works automagically. I have this only because a couple of random acquaintances post here vs anywhere else.
* - cycling stuff autoposts there from Strava to get the map, and then I backfill comments. Other things from here post there. Also, my routine drivel posts there. Much of it is public, but not everything. It's sort of a sixdegrees type thing.

Here, some stuff gets replicated, but LJ blocks a lot of autoposting. I still like it for my RSS aggregator, and I have a permanent/lifetime account.

I also have a linked in account, but I never "post" anything there.

I'm sure I have a million other accounts as xaminmo, but I don't really use any of them more than every few years. (Like MySpace. WTF. So not useful unless you're a band.)

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You don't have Myspace anymore. Your pictures and content are gone.Don't try to log in, or it will spam all your friends, telling them you want them to try the 'new' Myspace.

Nah, my Myspace is still there with info.
I didn't have much on there, anyway.
I did the log-in mistake the day after you did. :)

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