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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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2013-08-05 Bike Ride from 07:10am to 11:31am
Josh 2004 Happy
Headed out at 07:10am (target was 06:30, but OH LOOK! SHINY INTERNET!

Initial ride was frustrating. I thought I was autoshifting, and kept tinkering with my indexing, limit stops, etc. Even stopped and looked up Sheldon Brown's derailleur adjustment guide. Finally, just before Teasley, I realized my chain popped a rivet but had not stretched enough to see it. Once I swapped the chain with my SRAM part, everything was wunderbar.

From teasley, I tried to cut through on Lighthouse, but it turns out that would require roaming around someone's sideyard. So I looped back out and took Robinson to post oak. From there, I took the Denton Katy Trail to Lake Dallas. I stopped at the QT, got another litre of water and a pig-in-a-blanket sausage thing. I went back out, and rode up the Katy Trail to the Downtown Denton train station.

By then, I was already lagging, and the heat was getting to me. A faint headache, low Watts, burning legs from almost any serious exertion, etc.

I doubled back to 288 and stopped at the Chevron on I-35 and Lillian Miller for a litre of Gatorade and a Cliff Bar. I checked work email and dilly dallied for 30 mins trying to recouperate from the heat.

Not long after I started out again, I realized I'd stopped sweating except the back of my neck. My jersey was dry, as were my arms. My belly was fairly sloshy, but I downed more of the newly cold Gatorade, and in about 15 mins I was back to sweating. I still had no watts, and the last 10 miles were slow. Had to walk up three hills - NorthShore Drive closest to 2499, and two on the trails that parallel Highland Shores RD. Normally I can pedal up those in 2nd or 3rd.

I finally made it home about 11:30am, and when i got in the shade, i felt chills like I would begin shivering. I stood under cool water for 15 mins in attempt to be sentient for my 12pm conf call. My post shows 10:43, but it was 11:43. Stupid timezones. It's 12:30 now, and I still have a headache, but am functional.

I went through 4 litres of water, involving 2 stops, and 2 snacks. I had a ham sandwich as soon as I got home. I think if I'd hit the road right at 6am, and had my chain situation sorted prior, I would have made it home closer to 9am. The heat and the chain really messed me up.

Here are my pitiful stats, and the map links:
Distance: 		36.94 mi - Garmin
Time: 			3:31:18 - Garmin
Moving Time: 		3:13:02 - Garmin
Elapsed Time: 		4:23:08 - Garmin
Avg Speed: 		10.5 mph - Garmin
Avg Moving Speed: 	11.5 mph - Garmin
Max Speed: 		32.6 mph - Garmin
Elevation Gain: 	640 ft - Garmin Smoothed
Elevation Gain: 	1,532 ft - Garmin Edge 200
Calories: 		2,831 C - Garmin Edge 200
Avg Power: 		217 W - Strava
Max Power: 		950 W - Strava
Max Avg Power (20 min): 260 W - Strava
Avg Bike Cadence: 	80 rpm - Estimated
Max Bike Cadence: 	140 rpm - Calculated
Avg Temperature: 	88.0 °F - Calculated
Min Temperature: 	78.0 °F - METAR KDTO
Max Temperature: 	99.0 °F - METAR KDTO