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2013-08-14 Genesis 1
Josh 2004 Happy
First real ride on the new bike. Not too bad, but the front and rear mech’s aren’t dialed in correctly yet. I spent a lot of time adjusting indexing and trying to get it to shift. I think my high limit needs to be moved out a little. Also, seat clamp needed replacing too. Tires I had before were 45mm and too large for the rear chainstay cross-brace (fine width wise though). Tires that came with it were 32mm, but I wanted a bigger option. Ordered some 35mm and they have plenty of room, so next set will be 37 or 38mm. The move from 165mm to 170mm cranks was nice. Interested to see what the 175mm will do when they come in.

Flowermound switchbacks were not as big or challenging as I expected.

Distance: 16.00 mi
Calories: 1,198 C

Time: 1:36:18
Moving Time: 1:30:28
Elapsed Time: 1:41:44

Avg Speed: 10.0 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 10.6 mph
Strava Average: 11.2 mph
Max Speed: 24.4 mph

Elevation Gain: 712 ft
Elevation Loss: 764 ft
(Since it was a loop, average these)
Min Elevation: 557 ft
Max Elevation: 677 ft

Avg Power: 88 W
Max Power: 500 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 125 W

Avg Temperature: 78.0 °F
Min Temperature: 76.0 °F
Max Temperature: 79.0 °F

Also, a dinky ride around the block while testing out the new bike on Monday. Tinkered, but just wasn’t ready for the road. Spent the next day moving parts over from the old bike, and making adjustments.
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