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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Back from Austin
Josh 201604 KWP
The drive was kinda... blah. Lots of rain.. Well.. actually, it was like driving through the ocean with air-bubbles floating up. Lucking our car kept enough air that we didn't flood, but really, it was intense.

Plus, traffic b/t Austin and Dallas on the weekend sucks hairy ass. I never want to move there. It's like 635, everywhere, and a bunch of college punks getting pissed off when they drive 2x the speed limit, and get cut off by someone performing a safe, normal lane change (aka near collision).

Fry's in austin was fun. Heard an announcement of crackmonkey's sisters first name, but matt's last name, so I was confused (they're half-siblings).


More half.com sales. One guy is pissed off because:

Subject: My item was not of the promised quality. 
Comments:  Router looks  not receive the power cord as for
me for I have an extra  I can't make it work.I think the
input marked as "DSL" is the one I should connect to my
DSL modem that I have to use for  modem has Ethernet or
USB output.I don't have a cable with one DSL end and an
Ethernet end, if it exists.

Note, this is an SDSL router that takes Nokia ATM SDSL on one side and has a 4-port hub on the other. It seems this guy is trying to plug the ethernet-out of his ADSL modem into the SDSL-in of this router, and is upset that it doesn't work.

I replied: A) It is of the proper quality. B) It did work at the time of pull from service. C) I will send him a power cord if he asks, sorry for forgetting. D) It ONLY works with SDSL to a Nokia ATM DSLAM. and E) Don't plug it into an existing modem.

Just to CMA, I asked him for his service provider, telco, service type and modem type he has.