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Bike parts for improved reliability
Josh 2004 Happy
Okay, so the Shadow derailleurs are designed to not bind on the chainstay, as well as to be less exposed to path debris.
The Deore and XT shadow models comes in a 9 speed, long cage, which is what I need.
The XT has a stiffer spring, which has been one of my complaints (chain slap) with the RD-M591 (Deore).

For the front, I have the right FD (2300).
I missed that Shimano mountain and road front derailleurs have different pull amounts.
This is why I always have to click past, then go back one or 2 clicks to reduce chain rub.

Rather than going with road shifters, there is one line of flat bar shifters that handle 50-56T chainrings.
It's the ugly, "Flat Bar" series FD-R440 series, and one XTR 700 series.
The R440 should fix my indexing issues on the front.

I didn't really want to upgrade any of these parts just yet, but I'm doing it.
I didn't like having my RD jam when doing weird shifty maneuvers.
This is easier than trying out a new frame.
My RD-M591 can go on one of the other bikes as an upgrade, or can sit in a box as another spare.

I have too many spare parts right now.


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