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2013-09-18 Lunch Ride
Josh 201604 KWP
Lunch ride with a computer assist stop in the middle. I am SLOW and burning-legs today. Bleh.
Also, there was a little headwind, but I don't think that was the problem.
Also, final leg was pretty hot, which definitely is related.

Distance: 5.92 mi
Calories: 405 C

Time: 28:11
Moving Time: 27:47
Elapsed Time: 3:49:38

Avg Speed: 12.6 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 12.8 mph
Max Speed: 28.1 mph

Elevation Gain: 431 ft
Elevation Loss: 433 ft
Min Elevation: 540 ft
Max Elevation: 617 ft

Avg HR: 133 bpm
Max HR: 165 bpm

Avg Power: 117 W
Max Power: 867 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 108 W

Avg Bike Cadence: 66 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 148 rpm

Avg Temperature: 94.7 °F
Min Temperature: 86.0 °F
Max Temperature: 100.4 °F


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