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Best foods for my satiety
Josh 2004 Happy
My best food selections are:
* 35-40% calories from fat (olive oil, margarine, meat)
* 75-150g of animal protein (6-12 ounces of cooked meat).
* 2-4 cups of stone fruit, berries, grapes (not apples, oranges, or bananas)
* 2-8 cups of high fiber vegetables (squash, zucchini, carrots, parsnips, etc)
* Pulses (grains and legumes), yams, etc. Can include real bread (not enzyme treated).
* No nuts, candy, or pasta, which provide zero satiety and digest too quickly.

The key here is adding fresh fruit and veggies.
They extend other foods' digestion time,
but are hard to get from fast or medium-speed food places.
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