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What's in a name?
Josh 2004 Happy
I'm horrible with names, and it's embarrassing. I'm meeting people who are remembering my name, but whose names I don't remember. So, I play it off with unnamed responses. "He/Him" when talking about him, or just "you" or friendly greetings when talking to him. I've been hoping to re-hear his name (Bill? Bob?).

Erica says I should just call him Guillermo. "Funny, that's 'William' which might be his name."

Anyway, he's in his 50s, and started riding a couple of weeks before me. Like me, he hasn't lost any weight from cycling, but he's still at it. The best part is last week, his Doctor took him off of metformin (antihyperglycemic Type-II Diabetes medicine), a hypertension medicine (forgot, but I think I recognized it as a beta blocker), and his statin drug (reduces cholesterol).

That my friends is awesome. Just an example of the goodness of exercise when you can find an activity and a group to enjoy.

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It is, isn't it! I'm missing skating tomorrow because I'm in stupid Italy. Do you ever talk about cycling with Don? It's like his religion. One of the best things he ever started.

Haven't talked to him about it. He doesn't post a ton about it. It looks like he was pretty lax on it after his leg surgery.

I've added him on Strava and MapMyRide, but I can't see his stuff. :(


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