Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Bike Changes

In order to get the cranks off, I had to use WD40 and a brass machine hammer. No frame damage, and my BB doesn't sound crunchy or seem bent. However, the FC2350 didn't make it.

Ordered new cranks. I'm sticking with 50/34 110BCD JIS 175mm, but went FSA to save about 6 ounces. I also have a FC2303 on order for a future experiment (52/39 130BCD 175mm). These both should work with my existing FD, plus the road FD I have in reserve.

Since my replacement cranks don't show up until Friday, I decided to repaint my bike. 2 days will be enough cure time that I can reassemble things without scratching the paint too badly.

Sanded moderately well, but not to bare metal everywhere. Left the headset races installed. Paint grey etching primer over exposed metal, teal gloss primer 2 coats over everything, 4 coats of midnight metallic blue, and 2 coats of metallic hunter green.

It's sort of a swishy/swirl of blue/green. I like it other than 2 runs I'll sand and re-hit when I get more paint. If I decide to stick with this color, I may dismantle it again and clearcoat it a few times.

Existing fork is steel, so I didn't repaint it. My Fuji carbon fork also shows up on Friday.

On Friday, I'll clean out the BB threads and the headset races, then reassemble everything including my new headset (cartridge bearings).

I'll see about a photo, but it actually looks black from a distance.
Tags: bike, paint
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