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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Weight Loss, supplements, etc
Josh 2004 Happy
Part of my weight loss has been experimenting with vitamin/mineral/herbal supplements. Some of the base hunger seemed to be related to an unknown dietary deficiency.

For general supplements, I really like the Opti-Men brand (there's also an Opti-Women product). Price and mixture is good. It doesn't help at all with hunger, weight loss, or muscle building, but it's a great, low-cost supplement. They have amino supplements which are horse pills, and generally not high enough quantity of any one amino to really win out over eating meat. Best price I found was Amazon Prime, of course. http://amazon.com/dp/B000VJDYZ8/tag=xaminvario-20

My cousins are a part of Advocare. It's sort of like Herbalife, in that it's MLM and on the high price end of things. I thought I'd experiment a little with these too.

I do find it helps. The energy drinks have vitamins, and seem to help more than sports drinks. The caffeinated energy drinks state how much caffeine is in them, and seem to last a little longer than similar mass-market stuff without being too jittery.

They have a decent multivitamin, which is pretty standard, and I did not find it quite worth the cost. However, they have a supplement pack that does help. When I'm really hungry, it helps me be just a little hungry. Nothing else really helped with that. Now, if I'm just a little hungry, it doesn't help me. I'm not a snacker, I'm a gorger. If you're a snacker, it would help you more than me.

Another thing I like is the V16 Energy Drink. It has, wait for it, 16 vitamins. The "Energy" part is from Golden Root, Leuzea root, and Schisandra fruit extracts. It tastes like Emergen-C orange, and is fizzy as well. Emergen-C is 30¢ per packet, and this ranges from 83¢ to $1.39 per packet. It doesn't quite compare to Emergen-C, because V16 has a bunch of other stuff in it. That's where the price difference is - extra stuff.

They have other energy drinks that contain caffeine (usually from tea). All of their products are priced like this. You pay a premium over something comparable because the comparables are not exactly the same. I tried assembling replacements on my own, but that requires huge bottles of other things to get near the price.

If you like what's in them, or like to experiment, then it works out favorably. But as a direct replacement, or if you're already happy with your supplements, then it does not.

So far, I'm pretty happy with it though. It seems like it takes a couple of weeks to ramp up or get in the groove. I've been using the MNS supplements since before Christmas, and it wasn't until mid-January that I noticed anything. Personal habits and subconscious compensation gets in the way for a while. YMMV.

Anyway, it's MLM, and obviously the company itself is all about the marketing. There are often some moral issues with that. I see how it works though. A good 2nd level (Advisor) has extra info, provides support, samples, etc. The mark-up pays for their time. The Distributor mark-up basically pays for tax and shipping, plus a few pennies for their time.

If you search on a product name + advocare, you can see what the mark-up is on every product online. It's right on the product page. Also, the website will list full ingredients, plus links to info about all of it. If you go to their store, it only lists some ingredients, but still the mark-ups. Still MLM, but that's fairly transparent.

If after all of this, you have any interest in trying any of the Advocare products, let me know and I can order stuff for you and save you shipping and tax.

I also have a little bit of some of the energy drinks you could just try from my own supplies if you happen by. (Spark = caffeine+vitamin mix, V16 = other herbs and vitamin mix, Slam = similar to 5-hour energy, but better labeled).

If you want to explore the store, see https://www.advocare.com/14029605/ . Yes, that's my referral number in the URL. If you want me to order something for you to save you shipping/tax, then let me know and we can work out money swaps or whatnot. Alternatively, they're in either Carrollton or Plano. You can order and go pick it up to save shipping (but not tax).