Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

TSM 7.1

GAHHHHHHHHHH! If you install TSM client first on a clean AIX 7.1 system, TSM Server won't install. TSM Client comes with a version of xlsmp.rte that reverts the OS level to an unsupported version. You have to go find install base AIX media and install the version from there. This is a packaging oversight. Someone thought a 5 year old prerequesite was ok.

Further, you cannot call your TSM Server "tsmserver". Even though this matches the hostname requirements, Operation Center says nope with ANRI0011E.

Also, I'm absolutely required to use a password with at last 6 characters, one upper, one lower, one digit, and two nonalpha characters from a specific list.


A while back I tried to update TSM to 7.1 on Windows, but I installed the new Operation Center first. After that, the new deployment tool that is non-standard to everything except IBM refused to install TSM server, saying there was nothing to upgrade, but also that it couldn't install because TSM server was already installed.

But, someone, somewhere, is getting their bonus.
Tags: complaint, ibm, tsm, whining
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