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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Syndication test
Josh 201604 KWP
This is a test after moving FB and G+ off of SNAP and into Jetpack.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: Everything looks ok from my friends feed

I expect superbeginners (aka an E-Group) would be 7-10mph, and under 5 miles.

Tracking your performance that way can really help you stay motivated. (I was going SO SLOW, and it was so muggy, but my GPS said I actually went faster!)

There are free apps for android and iphone that will track the GPS and speed for you. Not super accurate, but good enough.

Strava and MapMyRide are the best. Both of those tie to webpages that support group creation. MMR supports multiple admins easier.

Facebook, Yahoo Groups, or webpages can get a little more traffic, but doing it ON the gps site would be really simple.

If you start a group, a keyword that might help is "Couch to 5k". That has a lot of traction, and you could just say it's for biking. Coppell is relatively central, and should get decent traffic.

Important things to call out are that it's all "at your own risk" and "leaderless". Also, helmet requirements are good for legal liability. The main skills for groups are obstacle avoidance, hand signals, passing ettiquite, fixing a dropped chain or flat tire, and whatever water, salt and calories people need. That all comes from starting slow and working up.

There's no need to wait for cooler months if you can drag yourself out in the wee hours, on overcast days, and in shady trail areas. Even in the sun, 30 mins should be doable. A bottle of ice water helps, but there's no way to avoid getting sticky.

Also, I know it sounds counter, but a huge draw for membership is having a food/drink social event in the middle or after the ride. Food or drinks somewhere really brings people in. If everyone is sweaty, either a private room, or an outdoor patio can be used.

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