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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Tuesday Night Ride
Josh 2004 Happy
Just a casual ride with Sharon, Karl, and Mark. This was the first ride outside of my hallway for my new Zip007 carbon bike.

Initial test included some hops to make sure it was solid. It is, but I'm still uncertain. It's definitely more flexy than any bike I've ridden, but only in a twisting angle along the axis from from the rear dropout to the top of the head tube. It handles power nicely, and feels like riding from a mattress.

You know the feeling when you hit something (ball, tree, whatever) with an aluminum bat? That spike of hit, and the vibration that continues... well, that is all gone. There's still the feeling of the road, and bumps, etc. It's just that none of that echoes/resonates in the frame. You feel it once, the first time, without the sharp parts.

Acceleration is quick. No creaks, which means good assembly and not TOO wispy. I can compress the center of the top tube with my hand, if I lean down on it. So I figure a crash would shatter this thing.

It's really light. I didn't think it would matter much, but it does. I named it "Carbon" on all of my apps/devices, but Erica and I decided it should be named "Snappy".

It's VERY responsive, and handles turns better than any of my other bikes have. It'll take me a few hundred miles to really settle into it, but I have the jist of it after 20ish last night.

I *do* have a huge stack on the steerer tube, which looks way dorky, but I'm very tall. It's comfy, so I may just leave it as is. We'll see what my actual performance looks like after a few rides, but I'm most likely using this bike for HH100. That MIGHT be because I left both of my other bikes unrideable. *oops*

28.0mi Distance
1:59:23 Moving Time
1,043ft Elevation (?)
43 Suffer Score

197W Weighted Avg Power
1,035kJ Total Work
129 Training Load
76% Intensity

Heart Rate Analysis
Z1 Endurance < 106 36:03 30%
Z2 Moderate 106 - 141 1:14:45 63%
Z3 Tempo 141 - 158 8:35 7%
Z4 Threshold 158 - 175 0s 0%
Z5 Anaerobic > 175 0s 0%

Zone Distribution
Z1 Active Recovery 1 - 142 W 1:05:13 55%
Z2 Endurance 143 - 194 W 14:31 12%
Z3 Tempo 195 - 233 W 10:10 9%
Z4 Threshold 234 - 271 W 7:12 6%
Z5 VO2Max 272 - 310 W 4:53 4%
Z6 Anaerobic 311 - 388 W 6:36 6%
Z7 Neuromuscular 389+ W 10:12 9%

Distance: 27.96 mi
Time: 1:58:27
Avg Speed: 14.2 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,043 ft
Calories: 1,023 C
Avg Temperature: 91.0 °F
Time: 1:58:27
Moving Time: 1:57:59
Elapsed Time: 3:18:06
Avg Speed: 14.2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 14.2 mph
Max Speed: 34.0 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,043 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,076 ft
Min Elevation: 539 ft
Max Elevation: 662 ft
Heart Rate
Avg HR: 114 bpm
Max HR: 155 bpm
Avg Power: 155 W
Max Power: 1,042 W
Max Avg Power (20 min): 180 W
Normalized Power (NP): 237 W
Intensity Factor (IF): 0.879
Training Stress Score (TSS): 151.5
FTP Setting: 269 W
Work: 1,096 kJ
Avg Bike Cadence: 68 rpm
Max Bike Cadence: 110 rpm
Avg Temperature: 91.0 °F
Min Temperature: 82.4 °F
Max Temperature: 100.4 °F
Split Time Distance Avg Speed
Summary 1:58:27.2 27.96 14.2
1 16:23.0 3.50 12.8
2 12:56.6 3.50 16.2
3 12:09.4 3.50 17.3
4 14:03.7 3.50 14.9
5 14:41.8 3.50 14.3
6 15:33.0 3.50 13.5
7 14:56.3 3.50 14.1
8 17:43.5 3.46 11.7
Temperature: 91°
Feels like: 91°
Wind: 15 mph N
Humidity: 30%
Source: KDFW
Additional Information
Device: Garmin Edge 500,
Elevation Corrections: Disabled
Power Average Calculations: Use Zeros
Summary Data: Original


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That's a sexy looking bike! Where do the rocket pods attach?

I thought that was the purpose of me having beans and dairy the day before a ride? :)

I think I need a longer frame than is regularly available.
This is okay, but I'd like something with a longer top tube.

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