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Stuff for the day

Took my daily sales to the post office... yAy... my next deposit is $502. :)

We then took my van for maintenance... fluids, belts, etc. Brakes are getting some warranty work (master cylindar leaks pressure). I thought somewhere in there was timing chain, but I guess not. It's not done, so I have to pick it up tomorrow, I hope anyway.

Cell service died... I had signal, but the network was down. Calling rang for a while and gave fast busy. I dunno if the service guy called back, but I guess I'll try back tomorrow.

Btw, Don Davis dealership b/t Beach and Riverside at NE 820 is a bitch to get to. It's pretty. It's new. It's only accessible if you're on the I-35 service road heading north before 820, and you follow the curve to the right, OR if you take backroads from Beach or the south service road of 820 just before Beach.

We drove all over kingdom come today... after leaving the dealership. We took 820 to I-30 to Hwy 180 (which used to be hwy 80) to Weatherford. Along the way we drove by crackmonkey's job, which is just way too fucking far from where he lives if you ask me (about 40 miles Las Colinas to White Settlement).

After realizing Weatherford was too far a drive to work (look up 5 Kirkwood Blvd, Roanoke, TX), we took FM 730 north through Azle, then up to Boyd to 114. We took 114 to the 287 merge, then doubled back on 287 to Decatur, then 730 south back to Boyd, and then took 114 to I-35.

All of this was time gaguing, while baby was screaming when he wasn't asleep (and Miranda would hold a Toasty-Oh! out for him, say "MAX"; he'd reach and touch it, then she'd eat it in front of him... evil child).

So we trekked to Miranda's and dropped her off at my cousin's. Then back home. Storm came. Dad called to say "there's a storm a brewin."... etc.

I cooked twice... wierd meat shit... tasty to me, but I'm wierd.

I pruned my LJ friends list... it's getting too long, so I ended up trimming out many of the non-local people, or people I don't b/s with much. To the people removed... I don't dislike you, I'm just migrating.

A couple of new people have me listed as friends. Cheers to troilee who I don't really know; nakedlove who has the same B-Day as razormaid and I have anniversary; and vogon_jeltz who is a youth geek, which is a good thing, because there just aren't enough geeks in the world IMHO.

tsal was recently added because he's an old friend/cow-orker, deetz who I went to Jr High with and have seen only a few times since (detour, deroute, George.L, etc) and then various others blah blah blah I'm tired of typing.

A link posted by the guy whose ship hangs in the air just how bricks don't is which looks pretty keen.

I dropped a couple of communities... debian (too many newbies. I'm an elitist... if you're not a problem solver, and you're posting in a technical forum, I will be irritated. Nothing personal, and no it's not fair, but I'm a bastard so cope with it and we'll still be friends) and internetworking (I was the only poster for the last 6 months.).

I'm currently sitting here with rum and apple juice, an unlikely but wonderful combination.

Nothing special, but it was an eventful day.

My lovely wife, razormaid, is urging me to go to sleep. She needs some snuggle time, and also has trouble sleeping when I'm not in bed with her (comfort, familiarity, and lack of "KLACK" "KLACK" from large, clickey IBM keyboard).

Anyway... that's my day in a nutshell.
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