Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis


I coordinated with Karl and someone named Connor to ride bikes to school together. We go all sorts of ways and get there.

I could not work out using anyone’s chain, and did like Karl and just took my front wheel. Then, I hid my bike under a wooden platform, and worried.

Then, as everyone filtered inside, I realized it was not my school. How would I coordinate classwork? Surely there must be a way, but the bell rang. There is no time for any coordination.

But wait. I’m not in school anymore. I step inside, and time accelerates. Everyone is congregating inside to leave.

I ask Karl why he’s even there, and it’s for the girls. This seems to be HS and university mixed. While the implication is not gross / underage, it’s still early 20s not comfortable to me.

In the dream, there were not really any females. There were a few guys, and then non-descript students.

Someone asks, and I explain why I wasn’t in class… “I’ll be 40 in October, I’m not in school anymore.”

Karl tells the others, “you guys don’t want to know how old I am.”

I ask quietly, “you’ll be 49 this year, right?”

He non-verbally affirms, not really wanting to accept it.

I find Connor’s Engi game pack, but am having a hard time getting his attention to give it to him.

The dream fades into beeps, as the 6:30am iPhone Radar sound goes off...
Tags: dreamland, dreams
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