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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Whiling away time...
Josh 2004 Happy
I have a lot of spare time, where about all I can do is read on my phone. I have a little bit of computer time, but it's really not convenient or comfortable. I try to save it for things I cannot do on the phone screen.

Much of what I've been doing is more review on medical studies, etc. There's a whole lot of science backed info on the mechanics of this, and statistics of progression, etc.

1) There are very few patches to the annular tear that actually have a clinical benefit. There is one that's a mesh, and one that's a Gel, that actually have some long-term benefit. I want to find out if any were used.

2) Healing of the fissure takes 3-4 months. The key is to stay mobile to prevent pain, but to be cautious and not re-herniate.

3) Statistically speaking, a quarter of people with a wide fissure will re-herniate.

4) The disc will never be "back to normal". Even accounting for the loss of nucleus pulpus, age wears on discs. The REAL wear factor is compressive loads. Discs only handle X amount of axial loading, and their layers begin failing. The collagen fibers break, and never go back to as good as before.

5) there's actually a ligament between the disc and the spinal canal. A rupture like this not only tears through the disc, but through that ligament. IE, really high loads.

So, this means my long term prognosis is really based on how much load I put on the disc, and really, all of my discs. During healing, twisting and bending is restricted. Aside from that, I think my days of heavy lifting are over. ALSO, I absolutely must lose more weight. I always have an "I don't wanna" mentality. Whatever. I need to suck it up and take care of the, lest I be crippled for too many years at the end of my life.

That's my challenge. To stay motivated, to stay hopeful, and make no excuses. The injury itself has given me a kickstart - I'm back down to my 2014 weight. I'm starting back on calorie tracking as well. I need to stick with a lot of crunchy veggies. I'm probably going to be eating a lot of grilled chicken salads and grilled veggies, forever. Permanently. Real portions. Let's say I got an 8oz steak? Well, that's fine, but that's 2-3 servings of meat. etc.etc