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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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10 years...
Josh 2014
December 26 marks 10 years since my mom passed.

For a few years, I seemed oblivious.

Then for a few, I realized winter was a heavy time of the year.

Then I realized it was all connected.

This year, it's been easier. Still some overeating the last 10 days, but lots of happy time too.

I haven't worked out seeing all of my extended family, but I've talked to a bunch of them pretty recently.

Hugs to everyone, alive, and no longer with us.

It reminds me of a toast:
¡Arriba! - Glasses held high, to those already in heaven.
¡Abajo! - Glasses held low, to those still on earth.
¡Al centro! - Glasses to the center, to those in your present company.
¡y pa'dentro! - Glasses to the teeth, down the hatch.
¡salud! - Health!