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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Wednesday travel health
Josh 2014
My Fitness Pal app does not let me share my glory.

I went way over on calories today because the hotel had toffee almond bars, like what Starbucks used to have. Free, evening snacks. I had two. Then I felt frustrated at my weakness. Then I gave up and ate cheetoes.

Then I decided to exercise in my room. Then I went to the gym. iPhone accelerometer plus MFP estimated my calories really well, so I did not bother detailing.

I feel sorry for the next gym users. The Lifecycle seat height is WAY up there now, and the weight is set to 280. It overcalculated calories and estimated miles ridden. Also, unsure how it gets hrm. Probably ant or bt or polar. All zero.

Then some barbell rows, starting at 30LBS and working back from there. Next time 35 is better. 5 mins and I had feeling back from the bike seat nerve compression.

Then the elliptical. It had hrm, and was closer. Also set to 280lbs.

Then the treadmill, also 280lbs.

And, 5 flights of stairs, again, because I am avoiding the elevator. JELLY LEGS!

Overall, added over 900 calories of burn today.

After, I had the lowest calorie salty food from the pantry, chicken and rice soup, 180kcal, 900mg salt. I left a lot on the floor in the gym.

I am still over my goal for today. I am trying to have very limited calories M-F every other week. The junk food blows the nutrition part as well as the calorie budget. Still, I feel like I mostly am on track for Wednesday.