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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Frontier Communications in Texas
Josh 2014
Frontier Communications cutover experiences (from Verizon) so far.

General feeling:
It seems like trying to add 3 states all in the same month might be a bad idea. People in my neighborhood have had some unbundling issues, support issues, verbal communication issues (new helpdesk). People are switching service even.

The good things:
* No interruption to my service yet.
* All of my bundling and discounts are still there.
* Helpdesk through online chat has been polite.
* Made of bits of GTE, US West, Rochester Telephone, etc.
* Online system shows my payment history from pre-Frontier too.
* Webpage is fairly simple and straightforward.

The not as good things:
* Had to wait for my paper bill before I could sign up online.
* My temporary FiOS cable is still not buried (almost 2 months).
* First bill was later than they said it would be (3 weeks from billing date).
* CPNI Opt-Out form cannot find my number in the system, and later gave an "Internal Server Error".
* An extra $9.13 charge on my first bill that cannot be removed because of midday system updates.
* No ability to follow up or send to managerial review from their side if they cannot resolve issues.
* Voicemail, Email, and TV spots telling me in a flat voice how excited they are. (This is not what excited means. Maybe another adjective would come across better.)
* The bill says "PIN Number" (pedantic annoyance, not a real problem).
* Ties to Asia Netcom (China Netcom) (Source of about 400 brute force attacks per day to my house).


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CPNI form worked at 21:00
In line on a new chat at 21:12 for the billing question,
and a different chat for the FiOS cable not buried

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