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sickly update

I left work early today... my head was ick, I felt achey/body-nausea/poofy head/woozy-not-groggy. I came home; sorted more of my files (I'm an info packrat); watched the second half of a Connections video from The Learning Channel (Way good, I recommend them highly from and took drugs before going to bed.

I took 30-60mg pseudoeffedrine for the puffiness in my head (antihistamine); 750mg acetaminofin (Analgesic), 250mg AcetoSalycillic acid (analgesic/blood thinner), 65mg caffine (sorry, excedrine, couldn't be helped but was good for the headache) and I think like 15-30mg of dyphenhydramine, a sleep aide. Literally, I took 2 Sudafed brand capsuled (Red box), 1 excedrine migrane, 1 excedrine night-time and a swig of water.

This was good, though now I'm awake... matt's over for video (Evil Dead 2) and Chinese food (25 mins away at 1.3 miles)... he's sick too...

Erica is working late. She loves her job and is so happy that she's a perm employee now. She's got 5 sections of this one project on her plate, all with overlapping deadlines that are way too near, and each project is 150 to 300 graphics, plus supporting detail work. She said she's actually enjoying heading up projects, getting people from other offices to work on additional pieces and following up. Chris and Jessie have been doing alot of that and it's stiffling their creativit... they're getting frustrated and want to do more creating and less managing. Erica seems to do well in the middle, some managing, some creating. Maybe she'll get some sort of mgr slot in the next year or so.

Matt's co is wierd... still having to deal with more politics and less product work... They're trying to get this set up and organized, but they need a CTO to go over them, and they need approval from way up. The CTO would really need to be the business/admin person who was liason to upper management, but would deferr to the technical staff for product direction. They could handle this as a committee, but that wouldn't be respected in this company. They have direction, just need a figurehead to handle the stuff that would keep them from having time to do their jobs... Hire the wrong person for this hard-to-define position, and the whole thing goes to shit.

I'm waiting to hear how this turns out, as they and also nationwide seem to want me to work with them. I'd jump on matt's company if it works out ok, just for he $$$ and position and experience. I'd be sort of a tech lead over all of the HW for network and systems of the devel division.

At dfw, I'd go back to being part of the network operations team, which is ok... kinda tough to keep motivated and to get things needed like sandbox systems, training, time, and personal respect (at times). Plus, there are new partners who've put in $$$ for advertising, and that means corp atmosphere... ICK! less corp, more startup... but with a good head on its shoulders... is that a contradiction?

anyway... I feel bad being sick, but I'm just too ick to be at work.

Anyway, off to the deleted scenes in evil dead 2. :) Hugs to all.
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