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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Herb company online
Josh 201604 KWP
Kick ass place... for the cost of a 4 ounce jar int he store, get a 1 pound bag...


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thanks! I'm starting to really get into herbs and this is perfect! :)

*nod* rocks ass. My dad gave me a bunch of stuff, and I ordered one of eb's mommyday presents as well as some tasty gooness from there. enjoy!

How strange. I spent about 30 minutes yesterday trying to find a spice shop in Dallas. I wasn't successful by the way. I was looking into World Merchants out of Seattle.

I only see one problem with sfherb co, I have no idea what I would do with a whole pound of Basil, and it doesn't come in a smaller size. It would go bad before I could use it all. They definitely have really great prices.

Well, they also sell plastic jars in 4, 6 and 16 ounce varieties. My dad bought some and split it with me.

I bought a pound of egyptian cut basil, so I'll split it with you when it shows up. I just need to figure out how to REMEMBER that I would split it with you.

(Though after-the-fact it said min $30 order, but it took my order, so we'll see if it comes in).

I got the SF Herb order today. My order was $19 plus s/h and it went thru... I guess business is sucking and small orders are ok..

Anyway, the basil came in two 8-ounce bags (I guess due to bulk) so I have one set aside for you. It's vacuum packed for freshness. How do we coordinate delivery? :)

I do work out in Bedford. I could swing by after work one day. Well poo... seems that this week is already full. How about next Monday. We will probably be out that direction on Saturday to eat with Mike's parents as well, but I don't know what time yet.

Monday's good, or really, if your out this way, you can call and see if we're abound. You should have my phone # from lan party invite, but if not, then e-mail me and I'll reply.

Still feel like coming by to get zee "herbs"? If not, then I could postal it to you

I am so sorry about this, I ended up working late. I just now got home. :( Thursday would be the earliest I could make it over after work.

Thursday, I'll be at tinseltown... I could take it with me and we could "swap the herb in the parkinglot near cop cars."

Otherwise, I'm all cool with mailing it to you. I'm just impatient, so don't mind me.

Speaking of, I hope Erica's back soon. She went to toxic hell para comida.

Oh yeah, how much do I owe you?

Well, if you're concerned, your whole portion for half of the basil ($2.15/pound) and a twelfth of the shipping ($6.71 for 6 pounds) comes to a grand total of $1.63416666... I would say that considering the processing expense of such a small fund, we'll waive the charges. :)

You'll be amazed at just how much basil it really is. I'm thinking... small jars, repackage and resell for half of grocery store cost, and still be able to pay all expenses, and still have profit. (of which, uncle sam takes income and self-employment tax) :)

Did you notice that they have a $30 minimum order? At their prices that is a whole lot of stuff.

Yah, I'm a tardo... my order was $18 + S/H so if they fail it, I'll go add some more junk in. Lemme know what you want and I'll order it along with mine or split if I already ordered.

If they do give you any flack let me know.

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